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Business Technology is a global enterpreneurial community of over 450 consultants who have committed the themselve to the development of this critical capability for the firm and its clients. Serving on both technology-related and general consulting engagements, associated grow to become CEO counselors fluent in one of the most inportant strategic levers of today and tomorrow.

Two New Tools that Cios Want

Among the many new technologies competing for CIOs' attention two in particular -- server virtualization and software as a service -- are high on the radar screen and showing promise for delivering real savings. Togather, these technologies signal a shift from companies running their own applications on dedicated machines to a more flexible architecture where programs are hosted and managed in the most efficient way.

Setting IT Strategy for scale and Innovation

Companies manage established business differently than they manage new ventures. But too often, information technology is managed with a board stroke aimed at cutting costs. While most of the IT in many companies should be managed for productivity and cost-saving technology that supports businesses shoul be invested in and measured by the same decision making process used for other investments in those businesses.

A new way to manage IT Demand

Companies can get more productivity out of their IT organization by setting up demand organizations that coordinate development requests between the business and the IT supplier. These demand organizations also coordinate requests across business units. avoiding unnecessary duplication and achieving greater economies of scale.