Automotive & Assembly

For drivers, the automobile industry has never looked this good. cars are better and cheaper (relatively) than they've ever been. But for manufacturers, under relentless cost pressures and facing rising demands, the outlook is less rosy.

Reducing Waste in the Auto Industry

Car makers and parts suppliers can capture huge savings, but only by working together more closely.

Can U.S. Auto Suppliers Stay Ahead of Chinese Rivals?

Chinese parts producers do have one advantage - cheap labor-but that isn't the whole game.

Beyond Kaizen: "Rapid Cost Improvement"

Car companies today face tremendous pressure to cut costs very quickly and focusing efforts on supplier development may be one of the fastest ways to make it happen. While many companies instinctively rely upon Kaizen (i.e., continuous improvement) to do this, a new methodology "rapid cost improvement " can help to supercharge their cost-reduction efforts.